Structuring a Week

A few people have asked me about laying out the basicweek. Here is the structure that I used when I was working full-time, as well as some notes on each day.










Run orRide








Hilly Ride






Masters Long


Long Ride







Monday - Nothing planned for the morning in case I wastired from the weekend. During the winter, I wouldlift during my lunch hour. Once I am off the weights,I might do an easy spin at the gym and somestretching. Nothing hard until the evening. Mondaymasters was typically a harder, shorter session. Rightnow I am recommending that Monday be a technique swimfor most of my athletes.

Tuesday - Either a medium run or a medium ride. Thedecision would be made depending on the emphasis ofthe training week. Evening off or possible weights ifI was unable to lift on the Monday.

Wednesday - Key brick session of the week. Rideintensity would vary depending on the time of year andwould always be easier than Thursday. Run length wouldvary from 20 minutes easy up to 10K aerobic. Eveningwas masters.

Thursday - My second longest ride of the week. Thisride never went over three hours, but it would alwaysinclude a fair amount of climbing. Again, intensitywould adjust depending on the season. If I was in akey lifting period, I would back off on the intensity.Weights were done either at lunch or in the evening.Once I was off weights, I would take the evening off.

Friday - A very, very easy recovery run with a buddy.A nice way to spend some time with a pal. On a restweek, I would make this my testing time. I would doeither a TT or an aerobic test on a 8.4K course nearmy house. Evening was my key swim of the week. Islowly worked this session up to 4K in 1999, and then5.5K in 2000.

Saturday - Long ride in the morning, run 20-30 minutesoff the bike. Home, huge feed and then a nap. Strengthtraining before a recovery swim. Strength was normallycircuits or upper body/core. Normally, my legs weretoast from the morning. I wouldn't do heavy lower bodystuff on this day. During MS, I would only do bodyweight circuit exercises. The swim was optional. Iwould skip it if I was feeling stuffed. We also didopen water swimming in the winter (remember I wasliving in Hong Kong).

Sunday - Long run. If a very long run was planned,then I would have backed off the Saturday sessions.This was my main LSD run. Some non-weightliftingweeks, I would shorten this run and go long on Mondaymorning. In a big week, I would do an open water swimon Sunday (45-75 mins) and skip the recovery swim onSaturday.

Workout Spacing

  • You will see that there was close to 36 hoursbetween my hilly ride (Thursday) and my long swim(Friday).
  • The long ride on Saturday is close to the longswim, but we are talking different muscle groups so Inever had big problems. I would drink a sport drinkduring my Friday session, eat a powerbar as soon as Ileft the water and go immediately home for a dinnerrich in lean protein and low glycemic carbos. This isessential to have a quality session on Saturday.
  • I was typically tired for my Sunday run. Notperfect, but a compromise I had to make due to my workschedule. The quality of this workout would sufferfrom time to time, but I was okay with that as runningis my strength.

I would try to be the first into the office onMonday and Friday. I would do my best to be veryproductive on Tuesday and Thursday. That way myco-workers could see (I hope) that despite leavingearly three nights a week, I was doing my share. Whenthings got crazy, I would return to the office onMondays and Wednesdays after swimming.

My travel would chuck a wrench into this scheduletwice a month. I would always do my best to limittravel so I could swim with my pals on Monday andFriday. If I was going to be away for a weekend, Iwould bring my bike with me.

Hope this helps,

gordo - 24 December 2000